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Brian Burchett, Irvine, CA
Took about 15 minutes to put together.  I spent about 20 minutes learning how to throw it, but wow, it sure does work.  I am over doubling my distance and it is a blast to glide it back and forth.

Paul Fisher, Tampa Bay, FL
Watching the Throwing Instructions video was key, as I was throwing it well right out of the box.  This was a great product to play catch with my two sons.  We must have crashed it about 100 times and it flew great each time.  The durability is amazing.

Frank Delorno, Vineland, NJ
The Raptor Football took me and my buddy about 10 minutes to learn.  We crashed it into a tree and it bounced back no problem.  You definitely should give yourself plenty of room when throwing it, as it sometimes goes a lot further than you think it is going to go.  Awesome product.

Lillian Moore, Grand Rapids, MI
I play softball, so learning the Raptor Football was quite easy, but do watch the instructional video to learn how to trim the tail for different people.  This is a great time to throw with my family as even my dad was out there playing it. 

John Kramer, Fort Collins, CO
This thing rocks.  You'll spend about five times longer out there throwing it as it becomes addictive.

Jim Stoller, Seattle, WA
The Raptor Football took a bit to learn how to throw, but once I got the hang of it, it was great.  I like the styling and watching it float through the air as it comes in.   

Erik Howard, Provo, UT
Great product.  I can hit about 90 yards on a good throw, which is well over double what I can normally get.  

Ralph Lindster, Los Angeles, CA
I got two for our dorm and we had throwing contests to see who could go the farthest.  Very fun.

Jim Jeffries, Long Island, NY
I can still out throw my son, so I told him he isn't a man until he can outdo his old man.  Great times.  Thanks.

Sal Piscorini, Naples, FL
This is my weekly exercise with my buds chasing it around the park for an hour.  You'll spend twice as long playing with this as you would expect, so it is great exercise without knowing it.

Marty Steinberg, Redding, PA
The quality is apparent in the build, as it still hasn't broken after being crashed too many times to count.  Make sure you watch it all the way in when catching it as the wind can cause it to move at the last moment.   

Kirk Williams, Tempe, AZ
This kicks ass bro!

Buddy Gomez, Chino, CA
So cool, love it.  Maybe the new LA football team should use these as I can throw mine farther than their quarterback.

Ahmed Rall, Detroit, MI
It was hard to learn how to throw, but once I figured it out, it was great.  Every weekend my son wants to go to our local football field to play catch.   

Chris Alguard, Plano, TX
As an aeronautical engineer, the company clearly spent a lot of time developing it.  We use 7075-T6 only on our most critical parts, so it is cool to see it used in a mass produced consumer product.  It flies extremely well for not having any active controls.

Bob Stevens, Portland, OR
It was very easy to assemble, as I had mine out in the park after 5 minutes.  It is crazy to watch it catch lift and glide to your friend.

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