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Creating the World’s First Flying Football:

Hello, my name is Marc Martino and I am the crazy inventor of the Raptor Football because I will never stop being a kid at heart no matter my age….

I was the kid who was always trying to play with hovercrafts, RC helicopters, and even home made zip lines in the back yard. Although I “grew up” to become a mechanical engineer for both Boeing and Raytheon, I never stopped building and creating new “toys” to play with. Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely LOVE football?

But while I have had a lifelong passion for both flying and football, it wasn’t until I had a family of my own that I started working on the Raptor Football. I just wanted something that would get everyone out of their smartphones and video games while giving us a chance to spend some time together having—dare I say it—fun!

Which led me to founding Mad Fly Sports: Home of the Raptor Football.

The Raptor Football is the culmination of years of design, testing and refinement to achieve amazing performance with outstanding durability. Just pull your Raptor Football out at the dorm or your next family gathering and watch how quickly people start “flocking” over to you and want to play!

Made from Aerospace Grade Materials for Superior Performance and Durability: Featuring a crash-resistant 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy Frame, Impact Absorbing EVA front foam, and ABS Airfoil Design, the Raptor Football is designed to fly straight and true even after 100’s of crashes!

Throw Up to 100+ Yards on a Single Throw: Want to throw as far or farther than even the best NFL quarterback? Then the Raptor is for you because even beginners can easily throw the Raptor Football 75+ yards and with practice—more than 100+ yards thanks to an advanced Aerodynamic Design and Torque Canceling Throwing mechanism that extends flying time while keeping the Raptor straight and true.

Made for Kids, Men, and Women Ages 12+: The Raptor Football takes skill, not strength.  Once mastered, the Raptor Football will glide effortlessly through the air reaching extreme distances.  It is like riding a bike, as it takes some time to get the hang of it.  But once you do, it is a rewarding experience unlike any other.  

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Help Us Help You

The holidays have passed, but the Raptor Football makes an excellent birthday present.  Help us help you by sending us a message below.  Enter your first name, your birthday date and then also your parent's first name (mom or dad) and their email address.  We will email your parents two weeks before your birthday to remind them that the Raptor Football would make the most amazing present.  We will do our part, but make sure you've been good and have earned such an awesome gift!

If you have any questions, please contact us below.  Thank you.

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