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Q. I can't get my Raptor Football to fly at all?
A. The first thing to check is the horizontal tail as many people don’t have the horizontal tail cranked up enough to get the product to work correctly. The product is designed to be nose heavy, as this creates a more stable flight when thrown. This means the horizontal tail must be configured to be creating downforce when thrown. See the image below as we suggest you crank the tail up to this level and then practice throwing the Raptor Football straight out. Only use about 50 percent power.  In fact, when you start to get the hang of it you will actually be throwing slightly down and watching the Raptor Football climb upwards.  Once you start to see the Raptor Football getting lift in flight, you can then work on improving your throwing technique.

And if that fails, send us an email so we can help trouble shoot any problems you may be having.  We are here to help, so contact us!

Q. Is this a throwing aid?
A. No, the Raptor Football will actually take some time to master.  The Raptor Football can fly farther than any other football, but it will take some practice to learn a new throwing technique.  Some can get the hang on the first few throws, others may require much practice.  It really just depends on the person, but in no way is the Raptor Football a throwing aid.  Rather, it is actually quite challenging and that is why we say only those 12 years of age and older have the chance to master it.

Q. I can already throw a regular football 100 yards, so why do I need a Raptor Football?
A. Actually, only a few professional quarterbacks can throw a regular size football 80 yards on their best throw.  This means you have no shot of making it to 100 yards!  The Raptor Football is designed to be fun and improve your distances thrown no matter who you are.

Q. What is the Raptor Challenge?
A. The Raptor Challenge is a contest we created to add even more fun to playing with the Raptor Football. Each month a winner is selected that has the longest throw and that winner receives $250! We pay to play – so cool.

Q. How do I enter in the Raptor Challenge?
A. Take your Raptor to a football field with the yard marks visible. Stand at the goal line and toss your Raptor towards the opposing goal line. Have a friend film your throw in one uninterrupted shot so we know no trickery is at hand. Send us your video or send us a link to it on YouTube of Facebook. It’s that easy to enter.

Q. What is the 90-Day Guarantee?
A. If any Raptor Football part breaks in the first 90 days after purchase, just send it to us and we'll send you the replacement part absolutely FREE. No hidden charges. We ship to your door absolutely free, for real!

Q. How can you guys possibly make a 90-Day Guarantee?
A. Because our Aerospace Engineers designed and built the Raptor Football with premium aerospace grade materials to survive crash after crash and still fly straight and true. In other words - it ain't gonna break!

Q. What does 7075-T6 mean in reference to the aluminum tubes?
A. 7075-T6 is often referred to as the “Strongest Aluminum” grade normally reserved for the aerospace industry. 7075 aluminum alloy's composition roughly includes 6% zinc, 2.3% magnesium, 1.4% copper, and less than a half percent of silicon, iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, and other metals. T6 is the temper, which stands for the heat treatment process that keeps the tubes at 450° Celsius for several hours, then are quenched, and finally aged at 120° Celsius for 24 hours. Yeah, that much work goes into just the aluminum tubes!

Q. Why is the wing bracket made from polycarbonate?
A. It is crazy the amount of impact loads that get transferred through the wing bracket. To prevent the wing bracket from impact failure, we use polycarbonate because it is one of the strongest polymers in resisting impacts. Polycarbonate is the same polymer used to make bullet proof windows. Polycarbonate is expensive, but only the best would do for the Raptor Football.

Q. I heard something about a reinforcing insert, what and where is it?
A. One part you will never see is the insert hidden deep inside the aluminum tube that is designed and positioned to reinforce the frame under the worst of crashes. We use polycarbonate that is mixed with glass fibers to increase its stiffness. Yes, it’s actually glass fibers mixed with polycarbonate!

Q. What does deformable wing mean?
A. Our wing and tails are made from ABS polymer because it is a great tradeoff between strength and weight. Our aerospace engineers used the ABS to create a novel thin-form wing design that can deform upon impact to increase durability, but then remain rigid in flight. This new wing design allows us to make a wing that can take crash after crash but still fly perfect on the next throw.

Q. What is the rotatable throwing mechanism?
A. To aid in perfect flights each time, we incorporated a torque-cancelling rotatable throwing mechanism to reduce the learning curve and get you flying as soon as possible. New players might rotate the Raptor Football when throwing it. The rotatable throwing mechanism helps to reduce the chance any incorrect torque is applied during a throw.

Q. Why do you have an adjustable horizontal tail?
A. Different people will throw the Raptor Football differently. So we included a thumb screw controlling the pitch of the tail allowing you to tailor the Raptor Football’s flight characteristics in the field without the need for tools. These are just some of unique features that make the Raptor Football the coolest darn football ever produced.

Q. How far can you throw the Raptor Football?
A. Distance thrown will depend upon the user's ability.  However, we expect most people to be able to at least double their distance thrown in comparison to a full size football.  Some will be able to throw over 100 yards.

Q. What is the suggested age range?
A. We recommend anyone over 12 years of age can learn to the throw the Raptor Football because this does take a medium level of skill.  Throwing the Raptor Football is more about dexterity and motor control than it is about strength.  So this means women or men over the age of 12 should be able to get the hang of throwing the Raptor Football.  If you can throw a baseball or a football well, you should be able to throw the Raptor Football.

Q. What if a part breaks after 90-days?
A. We engineered the Raptor Football to be extremely durable.  However, if a part does break after our 90-Day Guarantee has expired we will have replacement parts available for purchase on our website.

Q. How do I assemble the Raptor Football?
A. We included an Assembly Instructions video on this website that shows exactly how to assemble the Raptor Football.  Assembly is very simple as it consists of placing stickers and attaching the wing and tails, as everything else has been pre-assembled.

Q. Are there instructions on how to throw the Raptor Football?
A. We included a Flight Instructions video on this website to show how to throw the Raptor Football.  We highly recommend you watch the Flight Instructions video to reduce your learning curve and make the learning process as easy as possible.

Q. How long does it take to learn how to throw the Raptor Football?
A. It depends upon the person.  We have some individuals who have thrown well after 5 throws whereas other people have taken substantially longer to get the hang of it. 

Q. Am I supposed to only catch the body of the Raptor Football?
A. The body is the main area one can focus on for catching.  However, you can catch any part of the Raptor Football depending on your skill level.

Q. Is the Raptor Football for tackle football games?
A. No, the Raptor Football is only a throwing and catching ball and not intended for football games.

Q. Is the Raptor Football powered by a motor?
A. No, the Raptor Football does not use any motor.  The Raptor Football is powered purely by the thrower.

Q. Where do I store the Raptor Football?
A. The Raptor Football has an integrated floor stand that allows you to display upon a table or shelf.  However, we recommend that you use the supplied wall stand to store the Raptor Football out of the way as it keeps the wing and tails free from damage.

Q. Are there any footballs like the Raptor Football?
A. No, the Raptor Football is the World's First Flying Football, so we have filed for patents on all the novels features we invented to make the Raptor Football work.   

Q. How long will it take for my Raptor Football to arrive?
A. Please allow 6-8 weeks for arrival.  However, we aim to deliver most of the Raptor Footballs within a week or two when in stock.  All sales are final.

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