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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far can you throw the Raptor Football?
A. Distance thrown will depend upon the user's ability. Most people will be able to at least double their distance in comparison to a full size football. With practice, many will be able to throw over 100 yards.

Q. What is the suggested age range?
A. We recommend anyone over 12 years of age can learn to the throw the Raptor Football because this does take a medium level of skill.  Throwing the Raptor Football is more about dexterity and motor control than it is about strength.  So this means women or men over the age of 12 should be able to get the hang of throwing the Raptor Football.  If you can throw a baseball or a football well, you should be able to throw the Raptor Football.

Q. Are there any footballs like the Raptor Football??
A. No, the Raptor Football is the World's First Flying Football, so we have filed for patents on all the novel features we invented to make the Raptor Football work as well as it does.

Help Us Help You

The holidays have passed, but the Raptor Football makes an excellent birthday present.  Help us help you by sending us a message below.  Enter your first name, your birthday date and then also your parent's first name (mom or dad) and their email address.  We will email your parents two weeks before your birthday to remind them that the Raptor Football would make the most amazing present.  We will do our part, but make sure you've been good and have earned such an awesome gift!

If you have any questions, please contact us below.  Thank you.

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